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New Information 16/2/2017

Working with children (WWC) application must be completed by any coach or manager who is not a direct relative of a player they are coaching or managing in their team. Please go to the website for further information on how to apply. The Bangor FC requires a registration copy of your WWC application & your date of birth once you have had your application form processed. This needs to be emailed to our club protection officer Hayley Warren for compliance prior to the start of the season.

New Information 6/2/2017

Senior Teams Men and Women
Reminder:  please email your team lists to Shane Hockings ( Please include player's full name as well as MFC number.  Coaches and Managers contact details as well as preferred training day and time (must be Mon-Fri 4pm - 9pm).
Cut off for team submissions is 17th February.


Welcome to the 2017 Season


The Bangor FC committee would like to welcome all players, and their families to the 2017 season.


Registrations open on the 4th of January for the 2017 season. No registrations can be accepted after the 27th of May 2017.

Please Note: 2017 Online registration - issues with MyFootBallClub online payments has now been resolved. 

The 2017 season will commence on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th March 2017.


Competition matches (U12 and up) are played through the school holidays.

Registration Fees 2017

U6 to U9 - $135 / player

U10 to U11 - $150 / player

U12 to U16 - $180 / player

U18  - $195 / player

U21 & All Senior teams - $300 / player

Full Time students turning 19 or above - $250 / player

*Discounts apply to students and families with 3 or more playing members. Discounts will be processed by way of refund either via Electronic Funds Transfer or cash on presentation of receipts.



Registration can be done now at 

If there are any problems with online registration please contact

If there are any problems with the payment of fees, please contact the President.




TEAM LISTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE FINALISED AND SUBMITTED TO THE CLUB REGISTRAR NO LATER THAN THE 17TH OF Feb 2017. Registrations and team allocations after the 21st of Feb 2017 will be assessed on a player by player basis, note grading is controlled by the SSFA from this date and you may not be allocated to the same team you played with last year.


Player Photos


The SSFA has advised that the following age groups will need to renew their MFC player photo this year:


·       ALL U10 Boys & Girls and W10 Girls.

·       ALL U14 Boys & W14 Girls.

·       ALL U18 Boys & W18 Girls.

·       ALL NEW players U10 and older.

·       ALL Returning Players whose photo is more than 3 years old.


If you have any difficulty uploading your photo,, email it to along with your name and FFA number and it will be uploaded for you. Note Photos should be of a “passport” photo style with a plain background, no glasses or hats. The SSFA will not accept you into a team unless if your photo has not been renewed.


Gear is available for sale at the grading days and also at Billa Rd & The Ridge canteens on match days.

PRICES:  Socks - $15/pair; Shorts (all sizes) - $30/pair; Set of shorts & socks - $40. 

Shirts for senior teams are also available at $40 each. 

For further information please contact the Equipment Officer or the Assistant Equipment Officer.


Coaches & Managers

All teams will need a Coach & Manager. However for the U6 & U7 age groups, team numbers will be smaller (only 5 to 6 players per team), and whilst each team will need a manager, it may be beneficial to partner two teams for coaching and training purposes. The Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) has requested that ALL COACHES and MANAGERS register on MFC for these roles (no fees applicable). This is to allow you to be correctly associated with your team or teams.


Working with children (WWC) application must be completed by any coach or manager who is not a direct relative of a player they are coaching or managing in their team. Please go to the website for further information on how to apply. The Bangor FC requires a registration copy of your WWC application & your date of birth once you have had your application form processed. This needs to be emailed to our club protection officer Hayley Warren for compliance prior to the start of the season.


Training normally occurs once a week for 1 hour. If you would be interested in coaching a team, in what is a rewarding experience please contact the Technical Director Junior Teams ( prior to the grading trials.


There will be two coaches and managers meetings held throughout the season.

The first meeting will be held at Club Central Menai, on Monday 13th March 2017 at 7.30pm.

It is vital that at least one representative from each team attend these meetings as important information is provided on all aspects of the season. It is also an opportunity to

ask any questions you may have.


Orientation Night

To assist all coaches and managers and provide information on what to do, where to go, what forms need to be filled out etc, an orientation session will be run on Wednesday 1st March at 7.00pm at Billa Rd Oval. This is particularly helpful for all new coaches and managers.


Training Equipment

Coaches and/or managers can collect their training equipment on Wednesday 1st March, between 6:30pm & 8.00pm at Billa Rd Oval.



The club again welcomes our sponsors this year and encourages all club members to give the club's sponsors the first call. The club will provide advertising space on its website, as well as other promotional opportunities. If interested please contact the Promotions Officer.


We need referees for our Small Sided Football (SSF) matches. SSF referees must turn 13 or older this calendar year. If you are interested, please see the referee’s

coordinator today or on grading day. In addition, we need volunteers (usually senior players, parents etc) to referee competition matches when no official referee is appointed.

If you feel you can assist us please contact the referee’s coordinator. For anyone wishing to become a Black & White referee (must turn 14 before April 1), or if you want to

become a club referee and want a refresher course on the rules, the Referees Association will assist us to run our own in house course if we get sufficient numbers. Please

contact one of our referee’s coordinators if you are interested.


All club referees will be paid for the games they cover. Fee structure is as follows:

SSF Non competition matches (U6-U7)  $10

SSF Non competition matches (U8-U9)  $15

SSF Competition matches (U10-U11)     $20

Junior matches (U12-U16)                      $25

Senior matches (U18 & above)               $40


Ground Control and Canteen

Throughout the season, teams will be rostered to do ground duty. This involves ground set up/pack up, BBQ duty or acting as ground control. Teams rostered on will be advised at least a week in advance. Please make yourself available when your team is on duty. In most instances your team will only have duty twice in the season. This means we are only asking for a couple of hours of your time, perhaps less, on each occasion. Ground duty forms an essential part of the weekly running of the club. If a team cannot carry out their required duty, it could mean that particular team may not be allowed to play their match.


Competition Team Set Up & Referees

Please be advised sometimes during the season that the first match of the day for a Bangor FC competition team U12 & up to play on either the Saturday or Sunday at the Ridge. Your team may be required to help with putting up the soccer goal nets & mark the lines of the fields at our home ground at the Ridge 1 & 2 playing fields before your match can commence as part of set up. The Bangor FC would also ask all teams to be proactive in helping with & maintaining sideline roping is correct & in place. All seating

is at the required distance from the field sideline in accordance with the rules & the match referee on the day. Please consider that our Bangor FC committee are only volunteers & our club needs as much help as possible to successfully run & function our grounds before, during, & after matches are completed. Please be aware at certain times in the season that our Bangor FC competition teams may not have a referee allocated to cover their game. It will then be up to your team or the away team to find a person to referee your game. Above is a pay scale where our Bangor FC will compensate an individual to referee an uncovered match. In these circumstances, if teams are unable to supply their own referee(s) then the game must be forfeited.


Committee & Volunteers

At the time of printing this information sheet, there are eight committee positions vacant – Assistant Secretary, Assistant Registrar, Assistant Draw Secretary, Referees

Coordinator (Comp), Assistant Grounds Officer, Assistant Equipment Officer, All Age Delegate, and General Committee Member.

If you feel you may be able to assist in these positions, please contact the President.

The club is also looking for volunteers that may be able to assist committee members on ground control once or twice during the season, or when situations arise that require

extra help with field set up, pack up or working on the BBQ, or in any other way that the club may need you in an emergency. If you are interested in assisting the club in this

way, please contact a committee member.

Committee 2017


Robert Seguna

0419 440 866


Anthony Greenwood

0400 028 024


Susanne Booth

0417 047 278





Jeremy Garlick

0403 200 596


Michelle Wheatley

0402 309 532


Javier Apomayta

0447 247 661


Shane Hockings

0421 525 447


Matthew Cox

0409 980 577




Jenny Cantori

0407 110 511




Peter Tardent

0406 130 416


Emma Mackenzie

0415 713 555


Brian Somerville

0451 778 026





Enzo Sansone

0414 466 021


Dave Greco

0415 816 565


Mick Appleyard

0424 541 434





Tanya Mazza

0418 292 533


Dean Harper

0410 688 409





Chelsea Warren

0425 221 064








Hayley Warren

0430 417 433

Please direct all enquiries to the relevant committee member.

CANTEEN OFFICER – Candace Haysom – 0402 249 076


Grading Dates

JUNIORS – (Please note that girls may play mixed up to and including U12)





U8 Boys & Girls

4th February

1.30pm – 2.30pm

Billa Oval Bangor

U9 Boys & Girls

4th February

2.45pm – 3.45pm

Billa Oval Bangor

U10 Boys & Girls

4th February

4.00pm – 5.00pm

Billa Oval Bangor

U11 Boys & Girls

4th February

5.15pm – 6.15pm

Billa Oval Bangor

U6 Boys & Girls

5th February

8.30am – 9.30am

Billa Oval Bangor

U7 Boys & Girls

5th February

10.00am – 11.00am

Billa Oval Bangor

U12 Boys/Girls & U13 Boys

5th February

11.30am – 12.30pm

Billa Oval Bangor

U14 Boys & Girls

5th February

1.15pm – 2.15pm

Billa Oval Bangor

U15 Boys & U16 Boys/Girls

5th February

2.30pm – 3.15pm

Billa Oval Bangor

U18/U21 Boys/Girls

5th February

3.30pm – 4.15pm

Billa Oval Bangor


                            NB: Please refer to the website for any changes due to weather.



·       Shin pads must be worn at all times for training and grading.

·       Please bring a drink bottle.

·       Please turn up on time for the age group you are grading for.


Notes on Grading


Players must be registered with the Bangor FC to play & grade on grading days. If you are playing up an age group higher than your actual age, please inform the Grading

Coaches prior to grading. Please be aware that this will be at the discretion of the Grading Coach if a player is accepted to play in a team up a year in age. If the Grading

Coach has not been advised about this on grading days then the player will remain in his or her correct age group. Please also be aware that there are physical risks of playing

up an age group. Our Grading Coach Enzo Sansone is a fully qualified professional soccer coach who will endeavour to get the best result for each player that attends the

Bangor FC grading. If your son/daughter is unable to make these dates it is important that you let the Grading Coaches know beforehand. If there is any information that is

relevant to the grading process please let the Technical Director Junior Teams know this prior to the grading date. It is highly unlikely that any changes can be made after

teams are selected. Whilst the club has a policy of attempting to meet requests to play with friends for U6 & U7, no guarantees can be given as individual players abilities must

be taken into consideration. The Club’s experience is that children will enjoy their football more if they play in a grade that is aligned to their ability.For U8’s and above, teams

will be selected based on a players’ abilities.

Senior Team Men’s & Women’s


For senior teams, there will be no grading or meetings of teams. All Coaches & Managers or designated players of senior All Age teams will need to email the Shane Hockings

at You will need to email your complete team lists which include all players first & last names. Where possible please include the players MFC

number and coaches & managers names & contact details. Please also advise of a preferred training night & time. Please include any grading requests for the new season.

Please get the above details emailed to Shane Hockings ASAP.


Trial Games

Trial games are being arranged at present. It is possible that not all teams will get a trial game, however all efforts will be made to get at least one trial match for all teams.

Under NO circumstances are trial games to be organised without going through Bangor FC Committee. Coaches and Managers will be informed as to any games that have

been arranged for their teams.

Training Venue Availability

Training cannot commence before Monday 6th March 2017. Teams U6 through to U12 & girls/women’s teams will train at Billa Road Oval. Boys/mens teams U13 and above

will train at The Ridge (No.1 & 2). Some exceptions to this may occur depending on field availability and training times.

Bangor FC Constitution
Please note that a copy of the Bangor FC Constitution can  be found in the "Our Club" section of the website
Season 2017
The details for the 2017 season will be available soon on this site, please check back later

Bangor FC Vacant Committee Positions for the 2017 Soccer Season


Soccer comes down to the people that are involved with the club at a committee level and their dedication to provide soccer players of all ages with the opportunity to play on weekends.
Many of these volunteers have been on our club committee for a few years without assistants in their roles.
If you love our Bangor FC and have a passion for it and can give up some of your time to assist we would love to hear from you.
Our long term survival as a football club depends on people volunteering to help on our Bangor FC committee.
To assist & support our club secretary in writing, accurate recording, understanding information, checking for accuracy. Assist club secretary in getting messages out to club committee from the Sutherland Shire Football Association. Back up to the club secretary in taking minutes at club meetings.
To assist & support our club registrar in organising the registration of players. Assist during registration night in processing registrations. To assist & up date (MFC) my football club database registrations. Checking of players registration documentation & ID’S.
To assist & support our club draw secretary in preparing the notifications for draws for matches for each soccer round. Assist in the allocation of teams & club committee for set up & pack up duty of playing fields & committee duty.
Oversee recruitment & allocation of referees for Bangor FC competition teams soccer matches. Responsible for scheduling & appointing referees when a referee hasn’t been appointed to a game by the Sutherland Shire Football Association. Must be able to access the competency of the referee to be allocated to the level of the game that needs to be covered.
Ground Control Duties
Each weekend a lot of activities need to happen at the right time for the games to run smoothly, your participation is vital to making this happen.
For example grounds need to be setup, changed and packed up, BBQ needs to be setup and manned (Sunday teams only), team managers and ground control needs to be visible.
The wearing of yellow and orange vests by the team manager and ground control is a requirement of the Sutherland Shire Football Association and is to make it easy for officials (referees, Association and clubs) to locate the responsible people when required.
Ground Control duties include being a point of contact for the referees if some thing needs attention (line marking, goal net repairs etc), ensuring spectators stay back from the side line and don't stand near the goals, be present in the crowd to help keep things calm (simply being there is usually all that is required).
It is your club and your help in making the weekend activities run smoothly is appreciated by all.
See the links below for details of the Clubs expectation of teams participation in making everything run smoothly. 


SSFA Information App
The Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) has purchased a new APP called Gopha that we will be using to disseminate information in a more efficient and effective manner.
There are numerous categories within the APP that will cover everything from wet weather, representative football, coaching courses and Fixtures, Results and Tables for competition teams.
The APP can be tailored to suit your needs.  So for example, if you have no connection with Sunday Senior football, this can be turned off through Settings/ My Profile/ SSFA/ and then turn each page on or off.  And it even has the ability to be set to another language!
Below is a link to the installation guide. It is free to download and available for iPhones and Androids.
Please encourage all players, coaches, managers, parents and supporters to download our new Gopha APP


Code of Behaviour
We would like to remind all Coaches, Managers, Parents, Carers and Players of the Codes of Behaviour, in particular the Parents Code of Behaviour, and what we as a club expect from all those who are involved with this great club.

Bangor FC was established in 1987 and now has one of the best reputations throughout the Shire. Our reputation includes that of being a ‘family club’. We always strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity, and our conduct and behaviour must reflect these standards.
The Committee will not tolerate any behaviour that does not comply with the Codes and with the high standard of behaviour expected.

The abuse of children will not be tolerated. The abuse of referees will not be tolerated.
•    Children participate in sport for their enjoyment, not yours,
•    Focus on your child’s efforts and performance rather than whether      they win or lose,
•    Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a game
•    Respect the referee’s decision (even if it is incorrect) and teach the children to do the same,
•    Encourage children to play according to the rules and to settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence
•    Encourage children to participate, but do not force them
•    Show appreciation for all volunteer coaches, managers and referees – without them there would be no weekend sport for your child to participate in
•    Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every child (player and referee) regardless of their individual playing ability, cultural background or religion, and
•    Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from this club.
If anyone has any questions about what is expected of them please ask a Committee member, or you can review the codes on our website or on the SSFA website

Bangor FC

Concussion in Recreational Sport
A major issue in all recreational sport in recent times has been what to do in the event of a player suffering a concussion. Concussion is a serious issue and we all have a responsibility for the safety of our players. Please see the link below for a guideline on what we should do in the event, that we believe someone may have suffered a concussion.

Bangor FC Approved Merchandise
Please go to the catalogue below to view and purchase available items.
Orders to be emailed to or handed in at the Club's canteen at either Billa Oval or The Ridge. Orders are to include full name, contact number, email address, item number, item size and quantity.
Please note that delivery is approximately 2 weeks from order date.




No Smoking at Sporting Venues
Please be aware of the recently introduced non smoking regulations at sporting venues. Non Smoking signs have been put up at Billa Oval and at The Ridge fields in the designated non smoking areas. Please see below:

Please be aware that NSW Health - Tobacco Compliance Officers will now be issuing fines to people found smoking at sporting events.
Smoking has been banned at sport venues in spectator areas since 7 January 2013 under the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000.
Club members and spectators are still saying that they are not aware of the new regulation and have not been advised by their club.
Unfortunately this excuse will not prevent the individual from receiving a fine but there is a need for clubs to reinforce the awareness of this new regulation.
The fine for smoking at a sporting event is $550 to the individual smoker.
View the following for more information and to order resources to help increase awareness:
No Smoking at Sportgrounds Factsheet
Football NSW Smoking Ban update
Free Signs - Order Form


Player's Equipment Policy
Football NSW has recently consolidated all its rules and regulations in respect of playing equipment into one document known as the "Player’s Equipment Policy".
The purpose of the Players Equipment Policy is to elaborate on the current rules of FIFA, FFA and Football NSW and to emphasise the recent decision made by the International Football Association Board to allow the wearing of the Hijab in football matches.
A copy of the policy can be found at the link below




Match Details
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