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Ground Status 
Check with Council
Council Wet Weather Line
PH: (02) 9710-0105
(mid week training only)

Coaches & Managers Information

Football NSW Hot Weather Policy

Football NSW Lightning Strike Policy


If your team wishes to organise your own trial matches you must inform the committee of the details of the game. For local games( ie matches against SSFA clubs and other Bangor teams), the committee must notify the SSFA of the game. Matches against teams outside of the SSFA must get FNSW approval.

Training can officially start the week starting Monday 6th March. Training times and field allocations can be found at the links below.

FFA Coaching Booklet
Coaches & Managers Meetings 

Minutes from the meeting 13th March 2017

Trial Games
Coaches & Managers will be notified of the full details of these matches once we have them finalised. We will also publish a draw on the Website once it is available.
Please be mindful of the playing surface up at the Ridge and where possible limit training on the new patch of lawn.
Teams can not start training until after the 6th of March... NO EXCEPTOIONS
Teams U6 - U12 years and all womens teams will train at Billa Road. U13 teams plus will train at the Ridge. (Some exceptions may occur depending on field availability and training times
Training equipment can be collected from Billa Road on 1st March 630pm-8pm
Team Manager Responsibilities
  • To attend coach and manager meetings (3 meetings a year: see dates above) or send a representative
  • To provide all team members (or parents) with a list of players and contact details
  • To ensure that all players are aware of the time of the games each week
  • To forward club news letter links and other club emailed correspondence to team members
  • To write and submit a match report each week or delegate to a team member or parent
  • To make sure that the team is listed on the match card at the ground each game (including numbers for over 13’s) and to sign the card at the end of each game. This is found at ground control
  • To organize a roster for team ground duty (2-3 times a season) and inform parents of their roster with as much notice as possible (usually a week). Contact the Draw secretary ASAP if there are any problems.
  • To notify the committee of any change in contact details for themselves or any of the team
  • Let the draw secretary know if you are going to be away for any length of time and replacement contact details for that time
  • To collect team kit (see date above) and return the complete kit at the end of the season
  • To organize the team for team photos
  • To check the pigeon hole each week for information
  • To check this website regularly for news etc

Match Details
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